About Astrodynes

Measurement is the foundation of modern science and Hermetic astrology had no option but to develop a set of equations that would measure the power and functionality of the astrology code displayed in any birthchart. And the scientific method demands that the base figures and principles employed in the calculations must convert each individual marker in the code into a numerical value that equals the strength and functionality of its character equivalent.

Astrodynes are a set of mathematical equations that measure the power, harmony or discord of the astrology code in any birthchart. They are primitive equations that were initialized from fundamental astrological principles that represent the analysis data. The equations can be applied to any birthchart to provide a power, harmony and discord profile of its astrology code. But there’s a problem. An approximate or imprecise birth time must result in a chart and astrodyne profile that’s unreliable and misleading.

An astrodyne is a unit of astrological power. A harmodyne is a unit of astrological harmony. And a discordyne is a unit of astrological discord. And they measure astral force and its functional integrity. They are not a test that needs to be validated. They’re a mathematical tool for measuring your astrology code. And the individual assessment of its 22 letters allows you to assess the strength and functionality of their character equivalents.

The object of the calculations is to quantify the power and quality of the energy possessed by the individual markers in your astrology code and to enhance the accuracy of the astrological judgments. The numbers give the astro-data quantitative and qualitative values. The power measurement quantifies as so many astrodynes the strength of each planet, sign, aspect and house in the chart. More power ups the potential. The harmony and discord measurements quantify as so many harmodynes or discordynes their functionality. More harmony ups the good-fortune potential and more discord ups the misfortune potential. Reason is used to check the psychic impressions stimulated by the chart and the numbers provide practical information that can assist the reasoning process.

The astrodynes are a perfect measuring instrument in the sense they will give the same answer no matter how many times they measure the same birthchart. If used to measure the same birthchart twice the astrodynes will give the same numerical values to each planet, aspect, sign and house. In this respect their reliability is absolute. But their validity is primarily determined by the degree to which they measure what they’re supposed to be measuring. And this is unknown simply because the character they measure is a subjective experience that cannot be tested by a third party. There seems to be no way of validating the astrodynes other than through personal assessment and this may require a level of self-awareness that most people simply don’t have.

All measurement involves some degree of error but the main potential for error with the astrodynes is an incorrect birth time – even by a few minutes – or incorrect geographical coordinates for your birthplace. So the accuracy of your birth-data influences the reliability of measurement. But you’re making judgments regarding the strength and functionality of your character and unconscious thought-cell activity so errors of judgment are a distinct possibility and can’t be ignored.

The application of the astrodynes, harmodynes and discordynes to measure the power and functionality of your astrological code and its character equivalents is marvelously elegant. But the measurement is subjective. Only you know the amount of confidence, joy, security, fear, anger, pride, caring, idealism, hope, self-worth and discontentment you’re experiencing. And by providing a relative value the numbers cannot be used to compare differences.  Your character and natural potential is unique to you and any attempt to compare your traits and behaviors using an astrodyne value is futile. People and their behavior can’t be compared and neither can their birthcharts.

The astrodynes have interpretative properties, but the numbers can’t measure intelligence or ability improvement. A slightly higher level of satisfaction, wisdom and social usefulness signs for effective self-development. But how high you go in life is your call and you’re the only person who knows your current level of happiness, satisfaction and social usefulness. And the power, harmony and discord numbers can’t be used to measure things like success and competence either. As learned behaviors, happiness and satisfaction, success and failure and competence and incompetence are conditioning factors built into the thought-cells.

The P-value paradox is the observation that the astrodyne power of a chart does not act as a guide to personal accomplishment and social usefulness. Astrodyne power reveals an energy potential that cannot be used to judge a chart’s success potential. Other factors, particularly the environmental setting in which the chart operates, influence how much the energy mapped in the chart will achieve.

An astrodyne is not an absolute measurement. It merely measures the power, harmony and discord of each aspect, planet, sign and house in any birthchart and gives a percentage description to each marker in the chart. They can be presented in graph form.

The astrodynes provide valuable information regarding the strength and functional integrity of your astrology code. They enhance the accuracy and practical usefulness of the astrological information, but the birthchart will always remain the dynamic factor. Computer technology and numerical values do not eliminate the need for the chart. It will always remain the key factor when assessing your life. You need to know your birthchart well and lists of figures will never replace the essential need to view the chart.

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