1. Astrology, mathematics and measurement

    Mathematics is not a calculation. The addition, subtraction and multiplying of numbers is applied mathematics. The science of mathematics is about quantity, space and abstract structures – beautiful structures like cathedrals and birthcharts. And your chart’s simplicity and richness of … Continued

  2. The quest to measure astral-force

    Astral substance presents problems as far as physical analysis is concerned, yet it functions in response to known laws. Its functions have been determined by experiment and statistical analysis which permit the actual assessment of stellar vibratory rates. But its … Continued

  3. Quantifying power, harmony and discord

    Observation reveals that no two people have the same character. Each expresses the same human nature in a personal format. Each displays outstanding features and characteristics that are easily identified and these outstanding character traits have their astrological equivalents. It … Continued

  4. About Astrodynes

    Measurement is the foundation of modern science and Hermetic astrology had no option but to develop a set of equations that would measure the power and functionality of the astrology code displayed in any birthchart. And the scientific method demands … Continued

  5. Measuring character traits and psychological attributes

    There are many things about your physical self you can measure. You can measure your height and weight, and your waist, chest and foot size. You can measure the amount of protein and iron in your blood and the amount … Continued

  6. Chart-data analysis with numbers

    Your birthchart pictures an astrology code that operates in an environmental setting. It expresses functionality and each planet, aspect, sign and house in the chart has a power-value, a harmony-value or discord-value. The astrodynes pin a number on everything in … Continued

  7. Number crunching

    The birthchart has been around for thousands of years but it was only in 1946 that Elbert Benjamine and Bill Drake translated this ancient discovery into a series of mathematical equations. Elbert had already explained the astrology code and made … Continued

  8. The measured life

    You need to be more informed about yourself. You’re unique and your individuality is being recognized with personalized medicine. Your physical uniqueness is explained by your genetic code and your unique character is explained by your astrology code. With your … Continued

  9. Future forecasting with numbers

    The astrodynes have eliminated estimation, bias, uncertainty and disagreement. By fine-tuning the measurement of power, harmony and discord they have revolutionized the accuracy of the astro-data provided by your birthchart. They give the data provided by statistical analysis a higher … Continued

  10. Stellar Dynamics

    In December, 1946 Elbert Benjamine claimed that Stellar Dynamics is to astrology what electronics is to industry. And today he would say that Stellar Dynamics is to astrology what the silicon chip is to the computer age. He claimed that … Continued