The junk astrology controversy

Just because an object is in the sky doesn’t automatically give it astrological status. And just because an event can’t be explained by what’s in a chart doesn’t mean a non-astrological marker has to be manufactured to explain it. Piscean Age astrologers were good at this. They lacked critical analysis and were unable to distinguish between a functional and non-functional astrological effect. And any non-functional astrological effect is termed junk astrology. The only way to determine if an object in the sky or a manufactured part is having an astrological influence is to test it out. And that’s what the scientific Aquarian Age astrologers did.

The Age of Pisces was scientifically unsophisticated. The astrologers in particular lacked discrimination. They had an untested theory that life on Earth was influenced by signals from the sky and a horoscope that they used as a reference point. But the idea that everything in the sky automatically had an astrological influence on life and that there were non-astrological manufactured parts also influencing the proceedings ran the risk of having the chart cluttered with junk astrology.

Aquarius is a scientifically sophisticated sign and scientific Aquarian Age astrologers had the task of investigating the Piscean Age astrological knowledge-base to determine what was, and what wasn’t, junk astrology. And after years of testing they learned that our predecessors used horoscopes that that were jam-packed with junk astrology that had no function or influence on life.

So how could our predecessors get it so wrong? To be fair they worked under difficult circumstances. They did use the 12 zodiac signs, but with 7 planets and inaccurate reference books the charts they constructed were hopelessly unreliable. So, in order to overcome this technical inadequacy, they introduced a variety of non-astrological parts and points into their astrological work. They lacked a scientific mind-set – Pisces marks for a mystical belief attitude – and they did not view the chart as a map of powerful unconscious thought forces. Rather, they saw it as a map of astrological and mystical symbols that caused events – that just seemed to happen. And to find astrological explanations they manufactured non-astrological markers that are still used by many astrologers today. These non-functional effects simply aid their psychic faculties to divine the future. Their approach to astrology and the birthchart is best described as fortune-telling.

Our predecessors were indiscriminant in cluttering up their charts with junk astrology. The precious functional astrology was there, but there was too much non-functional junk. They were wrong to place it in their charts and they were wrong to think it was having an astrological influence. And unfortunately too much Piscean Age astrology is still around today. Many consider the Moon’s Nodes, the Part of fortune, the sensitive Arabian Points, Asteroids such as Ceres and Juno and the fixed stars to have a functional influence in astrology, but they don’t. And neither does Chiron, Vulcan, Transpluto or midpoints. And because meticulous research has found that all these parts and points are non-functional junk astrology they are not used in the Hermetic system. It only uses a birthchart that displays 12 zodiac signs, the Sun, Moon and eight planets.

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