Data Fundamentals – the zodiac signs

The zodiac is a stationary (fixed) field of force in the astral world. And its center in the sky is a circle apparently followed by the Sun in its annual journey. This circle is called the ecliptic and the belt surrounding it, which divides into 12 equal sections, is called the Zodiac. Each section is identified as a sign and the entire zodiac comprising 12 zodiac signs is positioned around the large outer circle of your birthchart.

If you take a moment and observe the night sky you will notice that the stars appear to describe a semi-circle from horizon to horizon. What you are actually seeing – the visible constellations – are groups of fixed stars. Their sequence in the sky matches the sequence of the zodiac signs and the symbolic picture used to identify each constellation – a ram, lion, set of scales, goat etc – reveals the outstanding qualities and behavior traits of its astrological companion. Each constellation occupies a varying number of degrees in space, but each zodiac sign occupies exactly 30º along the zodiac belt. The zodiac’s relationship to the Earth changes as the Earth spins on its axis in its orbit around the Sun.

The zodiac signs represent 12 common letters in the astrology code and the 10 planets – the dynamic letters – wander the zodiac. At any specified time each planet is located by its sign position. And in your birthchart the planets and their sign locations are data-points for providing self-information. Astrological research has determined that the 12 zodiac signs transmit specialized energies that give the energy of the visiting planets a distinct attitude and motivation. And this special mode of expression provided by the zodiac signs expresses in your life as your attitude or behavior style when doing something and your motivation for doing it.

Attitude is an important issue. Your success when doing something depends upon the right attitude and the zodiac signs in your birthchart have functionality, which displays itself in your behavior and attitudes. You should view the signs with discord as dysfunctional. They represent behavioral problems and the only way you can remedy the situation is to change your ineffective attitudes and make them effective.

Aries marks for an I am attitude and a self-important, enthusiastic approach to life. It’s optimistic, keen and eager to pioneer and trail-blaze. Its best quality is leadership. But when it’s discordant Aries becomes impulsive, reckless and interfering. At its very worst Aries is officious.

Taurus marks for an I have attitude and a possessive, steady as she goes approach to life. It’s patient, purposeful and self-reliant and not inclined to take risks. Its best quality is stability. But when it’s discordant Taurus becomes stubborn, inflexible, acquisitive and sullen. At its very worst Taurus is obstinate.

Gemini marks for an I think attitude and a thoughtful, enterprising and curious approach to life. It’s alert, intuitive, restless and fond of learning. Its best quality is versatility. But when it’s discordant Gemini becomes nervous, indecisive, loquacious and long-winded. At its very worst Gemini is changeable.

Cancer marks for an I feel attitude and a sensitive, reflective and sentimental approach to life. It’s emotional, timid and fond of the home and family. Its best quality is tenacity. But when it’s discordant Cancer becomes moody, over-emotional and easily offended. At its very worst Cancer is touchy.

Leo marks for an I will attitude and a purposeful, confident approach to life. It’s determined, dignified, warmhearted and generous. Its best quality is kindness. But when it’s discordant Leo becomes dogmatic, showy, attention-seeking and authoritarian. At its very worst Leo is domineering.

Virgo marks for an I analyze attitude and an analytical and detailed approach to life. It’s industrious, discerning, discriminating and meticulous. Its best quality is analysis. But when it’s discordant Virgo becomes faultfinding, petty, unsympathetic and skeptical. At its very worst Virgo is critical.

Libra marks for an I balance attitude and an evenhanded and just approach to life. It’s even tempered, fair, easy going, amiable and refined. Its best quality is affability. But when it’s discordant Libra becomes frivolous, superficial, lazy and pleasure-seeking. At its very worst Libra craves approbation and approval.

Scorpio marks for an I desire attitude and an emotionally intense and strong-willed approach to life. It’s reserved, energetic, skilful and determined. Its best quality is resourcefulness. But when it’s discordant Scorpio becomes jealous, fanatical and cruel. At its very worst Scorpio is troublesome.

Sagittarius marks for an I see attitude and a freedom-loving, enthusiastic and buoyant approach to life. It’s charitable, candid, frank and philosophical. Its best quality is loyalty. But when it’s discordant Sagittarius becomes boisterous, game-playing and blunt. At its very worst Sagittarius is sportive.

Capricorn marks for an I use attitude and a utilitarian and practical approach to life. It’s persistent, purposeful, patient and methodical. Its best quality is diplomacy. But when it’s discordant Capricorn becomes suspicious, stingy and dishonest. At its very worst Capricorn is deceitful.

Aquarius marks for an I know attitude and an intelligent and well informed approach to life. It’s sincere, friendly, inventive and a keen student of human nature. Its best quality is altruism. But when it’s discordant Aquarius becomes disinterested, theoretical and dilatory. At its very worst Aquarius is argumentative.

Pisces marks for an I believe attitude and an idealistic and amiable approach to life. It’s emotional, modest, romantic and idyllic. Its best quality is sympathy. But when it’s discordant Pisces becomes over-imaginative, self-pitying, dejected and despondent. At its very worst Pisces is worried.

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