Data Fundamentals – the birthchart

The birthchart is an ancient discovery that’s shrouded in mystery. Where did the idea, that the planets and zodiac signs placed in and around a circle was the key to solving great mysteries, come from? And modern scientific research has proved it was a right idea.

It’s now known that your birthchart is a map of your character that provides you with a visual presentation of what’s going on in your unconscious mind. It provides a detailed account of your life experience up to the time of your human birth and your future self must emerge from the character that is the result of previous experience.

Your human life journey began in time and space – the time you were born at the place you were born – thus it is totally appropriate that your birthchart should be constructed for your time and place of birth. The four (4) bits of data needed to construct your birthchart are:

  1. your date of birth
  2. your time of birth
  3. the latitude and longitude coordinates of your place of birth and
  4. its time zone

The chart’s accuracy is determined by the accuracy of the data that is used to construct it and a precise birth time in particular provides a more accurate chart and a clearer image of your character and not-conscious field of mental activity.

Your birthchart pictures the zodiac belt and planets as they appeared when viewed from your place of birth at your time and date of birth. And like any sky-map the chart is divided into two equal parts by the horizon. The top half of the map displays the visible sky and the bottom half displays the sky that is below the horizon. Each sign and planet is depicted by its astrological symbol.

The inner circle symbolizes the Earth’s equator – and your place of birth – and the outer circle pictures the entire zodiac belt where a certain degree and minute of a zodiac sign appears on each house cusp. The planets move along the zodiac belt and your time and date of birth determines their positions in the zodiac. Each planet in the chart is positioned in the degree and minute of the zodiac it actually occupies and a planet’s sign location places it in a mundane house. These mundane houses represent the environmental setting – the life-matters, people and activities you’ll encounter in the business of living. And by coordinating the astral energies of the zodiac signs and planets with the affairs and activities of life your birthchart pictures, as a memory legacy, your soul’s accumulated experiences – or consciousness development – at the time of your birth.

Your computer calculated birthchart is more than a sky-map. It’s a self-data provider and self-development guide. It’s a personal reference that you can use on your life journey to maximize your mental, emotional and spiritual development. It’s a personal resource filled with priceless information. It not only captures the astrological event that marked your human birth it reveals your developmental state here and now and a glorious destiny that is timeless and eternal.

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