Applied research

Educational astrology – via your birthchart – educates you about your character and life experience. It provides basic astrological information – explains what it means – and enhances your self-awareness. But there’s more to astrology than learning the basics. It invites you to take action and apply your self-knowledge to achieve the best possible outcome in mental, emotional and spiritual development. Educational astrology will help you to understand yourself and developmental astrology will guide you to be the best that you can.

Applied astrology is the application of scientific astrological knowledge. Its focus is on your mental, emotional and spiritual development. Your birthchart is inviting you to be who you are and developmental astrology takes the astrological theory and turns it into action. It discourages the negative absorption of the information and encourages its pro-active application. This requires a clear understanding of the chart’s role in the personal development process and its use as a self-development resource. You can use the chart as a steering wheel to guide your life and endeavors.

Hermetic astrology is chiefly concerned with the application of the astrological information provided by your birthchart. The theoretical astrological information is useless unless it’s applied in a developmental context and your job is to apply the theory.  Your real-life experience will validate your astrology code, but alternate experiences are available. New personal insights increase your capacity to self-develop. You can use your birthchart to discover other life experiences that are not otherwise obvious. You have to work with your astrology code and the ideas it presents. Your worldview is an evolving concept and your understanding and awareness of the code is an evolving mental construct too. Your life is a self-development enterprise. You have problems to overcome and your chief concern is adequate adaptation to your environment. And by overcoming problems you develop intelligence and ability – thoughts and feelings – love and wisdom – more love and wisdom – and more intelligence and ability.

Once you understand why you are here you can take action and begin the exciting journey to self-fulfillment. You can use your birthchart to manage your self-development. Self-acceptance is a necessary part of your self-knowledge journey. Only you can confront and deal with a destructive behavior. Only you can transform your ineffective behavior – change the bad stuff – and learn to operate effectively in a difficult situation. Your job – as the thinker – is to ensure that your behavior is the best you can do at your current stage of development. This involves continuous training, but the rewards in soul-growth are well worth the time and effort.

Applied astrology is the application of astrological information in self development, ability improvement, behavior management and timing the developmental process. You’re unique, with a unique developmental potential, so it’s all very personal. It’s you working with your astrology code to achieve the best possible outcome and it will have a significant impact on how you perform as a human soul.

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