1. The scientific pursuit of astrological facts

    It appears that astrology started out as a belief system that sought to explain behavior, life and all the great mysteries by heavenly events. The observations made by the first star-gazers may not have been scientific by our standards, but … Continued

  2. Basic – fundamental – astrology

    Astrology is based on the theory that the planets and zodiac signs have an influence on life and all the basic pieces of the puzzle have to be understood before they can be put together and unified. So basic astrological … Continued

  3. Applied research

    Educational astrology – via your birthchart – educates you about your character and life experience. It provides basic astrological information – explains what it means – and enhances your self-awareness. But there’s more to astrology than learning the basics. It … Continued

  4. Astro-research and birth times

    Astrological research starts with a birthchart, and an accurate chart requires an accurate birth time. But birth times have always been the fly in the ointment. The history of astrology – while documenting a colorful array of personal and mundane … Continued

  5. The long road to an almost accurate birthchart

    The ancients strove to make sense of the world just like we do and in their search for understanding they focused their gaze on the stars in the sky. They gathered astrological knowledge, but it’s unknown if these ancient astrologers … Continued

  6. A new data rating code

    The most accurate astrological science requires an accurately timed birthchart and a detailed life story. The more accurate the birth time the more accurate the birthchart. Approximate birth times and inaccurate birthcharts do not display an accurate mathematical model of … Continued

  7. The junk astrology controversy

    Just because an object is in the sky doesn’t automatically give it astrological status. And just because an event can’t be explained by what’s in a chart doesn’t mean a non-astrological marker has to be manufactured to explain it. Piscean … Continued

  8. Data Fundamentals – the birthchart

    The birthchart is an ancient discovery that’s shrouded in mystery. Where did the idea, that the planets and zodiac signs placed in and around a circle was the key to solving great mysteries, come from? And modern scientific research has … Continued

  9. Data Fundamentals – the planets

    The planets are not part of the zodiac. They are wanderers – wandering around orbiting the Sun – and because the zodiac is fixed it can be used as a reference point for siting their positions. When viewed from the … Continued

  10. Data Fundamentals – the aspects

    An aspect is an angular relationship between two planets. And the power and functionality of your astrology code is primarily influenced by the aspects formed by the planets in your birthchart. The relative power of each aspect is measured in … Continued

  11. Data Fundamentals – the zodiac signs

    The zodiac is a stationary (fixed) field of force in the astral world. And its center in the sky is a circle apparently followed by the Sun in its annual journey. This circle is called the ecliptic and the belt … Continued

  12. Data Fundamentals – the houses

    The astrology code operates in an environmental setting and the Earth provides the setting and the opportunity for souls on developmental journeys to evolve and develop intelligence and ability. You’re the operator and you operate in an environment that provides … Continued