Uranus cycle chart – Washington

Uranus cycle chart January 27, 2012 at 10. 36. 50pm EST – 3.36.50am UT


The Uranus cycle chart is a specific event chart forecasting events and developments of the Uranus type only. Events occur as transit Uranus moves to form aspects to the planets in the chart. Each aspect – as an energy-event having harmony or discord – marks for and times a Uranus event on Earth. This chart will influence the global agenda till April 25, 2053.

In the Washington chart Uranus is in house 6 – labor, work, workers, working conditions, employment trends, public servants, army-navy personnel, police, firemen, trade/labor unions, strikes, illness, disease, food production, the stored harvest, eating trends, restaurants, take-away-food outlets, chemists, drugs, poisons, chemicals, pets and small animals. During 2017 Uranus transits house 7 – the other country and their attitude, foreign policy, international relations, open enemies, disputes, war, marriage and divorce.

Uranus is the planet of extremists, extremism, freedom-fighting, liberty, revolutions, social unrest, demonstrations, strikes, disturbing developments, radical proposals, sudden cataclysmic change, shocks, the shattering precedent, sudden shifts in public opinion, extreme situations, amazing discoveries, social/political reform, technology, invention, innovation, human rights, difference, gay rights, exposé and bizarre behavior. And major Uranus events bearing these characteristics are timed to occur when Uranus forms an aspect in its cycle chart.

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