The world today

You might think that the world today is a big mess and that post-modern enlightened thinking hasn’t got a clue on how to fix it. There’s strife, violence and suicide bombers; corrupt politicians and extremist radicals; corporations making happiness providers and big profits; poverty, unemployment and disease; celebrity culture, drugs and space flights to Mars; freedom-fighters and technological marvels; and division, disunity, crime and corruption. There are political leaders, tyrants, dictators, business executives, economic planners, captains of industry, investors, military chiefs, religious leaders, intellectuals, educators, singers and movie stars. It’s a world where the theory that the universe is a purely physical structure composed of physical parts drives the scientific agenda and where scientific man has dethroned God. It’s a world where science does the easy stuff and then criticizes those who go a little further. Democracy is no longer participation of the people, for the people. It has become participation of the power-seeking few for the preservation of the bureaucracy which dictates to a powerless majority. The world today is divided. It represents a great transition and a mighty clash between two dynamic astrological forces.

The 20th-century was a killing field – a battle between conflicting forces driven by extremist ideology. But while the bombs were exploding another less obvious battle erupted and is still being fought between two equally undesirable propositions or alternatives. One – fundamentalist religion – is an Old Age skeleton that keeps the human soul shackled to blind belief and superstition. And the other – atheistic materialism – is a New Age monster. Political and academic dictators are intent on destroying God and true religion.

The main characteristic of the 20th-century was the acceleration of technology and with the technology came more knowledge of the world and universe. We now know more about the physical universe than at any other time in history. We can estimate its age accurately – analyze the surface and atmosphere of distant planets – and manipulate the basic building blocks of life. And science claims that with more information and more powerful technology you can shape and control your environment – now and in the future.

The second half of the 20th-century was the Age of Information Technology. It brought more technological progress than the preceding two thousand years. High tension intellectual energies have resulted in restlessness and inventiveness; and the desire to know and progress has reached a peak greater than ever before. Science and technology have given us the keys to unlock the secrets of life. Microchip technology and the personal computer have augmented human mind power and social media connects and empowers people. Yet despite all the knowledge life is more uncertain, the world is a more difficult place to understand, and science has alienated you from your soul. It claims that you’re a biochemical accident with no past, no future and a very temporary present. The great transition has brought division and disunity and the real peril lies in the dilemma that we’re divided by conflicting versions of truth. There are conflicting versions of religious dogma and scientific evidence and this creates uncertainty and confusion. And everything science denies – psychokinesis, ESP and astrology – would benefit humanity greatly.

The political agenda has taken center-stage and the politicians are trapped between Piscean Age religious fundamentalism and its insidious beliefs and practices and Aquarian Age enlightenment and its knowledge that informs and paves the way for more progress. World leaders are trapped between the belief-based baggage of the past, the knowledge-based facts of the here and now, and a market-place driven by greed, economic advantage and a winner-takes-all mentality. And as a participant in the democratic process you have to grapple with what that means.

Orthodox religion still wields enormous power. It provides Old Age information to a New Age congregation many of whom crave better spiritual guidance. The world’s religions are in need of a big overhaul in what they teach and practice, but their positional power does not support altruistic change. Some religious teachings are psychologically sound, while others are contradicted by natural evidence that disputes traditional teachings on things like heaven and hell. There’s also a non-religious perspective on life that’s become popular – a great divide between faith and reason – and disquiet about religion’s interference in education and politics.

Science employs reason to examine and experiment and the scientific method is seen as the primary mechanism by which truth is revealed. So science took mind and brain and made them one. Science took God and made the creative intelligence of the universe redundant. And science took the soul and deleted it from the life equation. So you live your life thinking there’s an end-date when you will no longer exist and this makes purposeful self-development meaningless. You’ve got an expanding capability that demands slightly more complex progressive challenges, but why bother? Science is telling you that you are your brain and when its dies you die too.

So the world today is accurately described as a great transition from Pisces to Aquarius. Aquarius has arrived, but there are too many obsolete Piscean institutions and beliefs that won’t go away and too many souls who see the Earth’s natural resources as fair game. Aquarius is inviting humanity to become enlightened – to experience scientific self-understanding – but too much of the scientific information is beyond comprehension. And this puts you right back in the Age of Pisces – blindly believing the voice of authority. Can you trust your information provider to report the facts accurately?

Chances are technology and scientific progress are separating you from your spiritual aspirations. Greed and materialism dominate the commercial agenda. Pluto has sourced a post-modern dream that’s materialistic, self-serving, power hungry, irreligious, money seeking, selfish and meaningless and it’s a very bad dream. The world’s laboratories are jam-packed with scholastic dictators who are driven by a Godless, atheistic agenda. You’re focused on the obvious threats – political incompetence, terrorism, war, deadly weapons, stranger-danger, economic uncertainty and unemployment – so the subtle dangers escape your attention. You know about the political division, social disunity, crime, financial inequality and social suffering. You can feel the fear and torment. The misinformation, subtle distortions, spin-doctoring and lies are not so obvious. Eternal vigilance is needed. The stakes are high.

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