Pluto period chart

The chart data is: February 18, 1930 at 4.00pm MST, 35N12; 111W39. It has a AA-7 rating. (Source: Clyde W Tombaugh in Out of the Darkness, The Planet Pluto.)


The Pluto Period birthchart provides a forecast of Lower and Higher Pluto’s influence on specific areas of the global agenda, specific activities and specific sectors of society for the life of the period.

Pluto is in house 12 – crime, organized crime, crime networks, criminals, the secret enemies of society, detectives, spies, secret agents, intelligence agencies, undercover activities and organized crime-fighting networks. It’s the house of prisons, hospitals, asylums, relief, relief work, welfare, philanthropy; secret societies, secret deals, behind the scenes activity, research work, exclusion, isolation, restriction, limitation, sorrow and disappointment.

Here Pluto, the criminal, lurks and stalks. His specialty is corruption. He’s undercover and out of sight. He’s a secret agent. He’s in the prisons; and he’s working to rehabilitate the criminals. Pluto’s in the hospitals tending the sick; and he’s providing relief and care for those in distress. He’s the welfare, charity and care workers. But he’s also engaged in secret activities, spying and espionage. He’s the crime-fighting networks; and the intelligence gathering organizations. He’s working behind the scenes and he’s out of the public eye. He’s doing research and distorting his findings; and he’s isolating countries and causing sorrow, restriction and heavy disappointment. Pluto in house 12 is the secret enemy of the people and his secret weapons are inversion and misinformation.

Pluto is cusp ruler of house 5 – children, teenagers, the birth rate, IVF programs, sex, sexual activity; recreation, amusement, concerts, movies, sport, gambling, speculation; the stock market, hazardous ventures and schools.

Here Pluto separates children from their parents. He’s teenage gangs; sex crime and sexual harassment. And his terror is terrorizing children. He’s the world’s population explosion; and he’s infiltrated the movies and the games industry with his insidious violence. He’s singing groups; and team sports and he controls who wins and loses. Pluto is gambling-crazy and he makes drastic things happen on the share market; and he’s in the schools and colleges spreading his subtle inversion.

Pluto forms an agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with the Sun (politicians) in house 8 (debt, taxes and insurance) and he corrupts the politicians; divides the political agenda; separates people from their money; cleverly avoids paying taxes; and insures everything. And with Pluto trine (luck) the Moon (the common people) in house 4 the Higher-Pluto vibration benefits the family and the home. House 4 is the world where life lives.

Pluto sesquisquare (agitation) Venus in house 8 joins Pluto and Venus in unholy matrimony. It’s a financial affair and a fatal physical love attraction. Here Pluto adversely influences the arts and social agenda; and he’s having a coercive influence on women’s issues. Pluto parallel Saturn in house 6 has a coercive-selfish influence on labor, employment trends, illness and eating habits. Saturn stands for unemployment and poverty. And Pluto semisquare (friction) and parallel Neptune in house 2 has created a zillion-dollar drug trade, an obsessive desire to get something for nothing, and a grand financial illusion.

The Pluto Period marks for a perilous phase in the story of Aquarius where orthodoxy and materialism clash with progress and enlightenment. And progress and enlightenment have to win. But in the Sun section of the Aquarian Age that could sound like a right to take over the world. And Lower-Pluto has a vested interest in racism, class hierarchy, groups (because they are easy to control and manipulate), domestic violence, political disunity, poverty, terror, fear, drugs to escape the pain, competition and crime. He employs mass mental manipulation to attain his ends. His materialistic propaganda and desensitization program has been very effective. The unsuspecting human soul is easily manipulated by the master persuader. Chances are that Lower-Pluto’s henchmen are contaminating your soul with lies and deception. And in 2014 there’s no sign that his reign of terror and destruction is abating.

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