Pluto cycle chart – Washington

Pluto cycle chart February 26, 1988 at 6.24.23 pm EST – 11.24.23 pm UT


The Pluto cycle chart is a specific event chart forecasting events and developments of the Pluto type only. These events occur as transit Pluto moves to form aspects to the planets in the chart. Each aspect – as an energy-event possessing harmony or discord – marks for a Pluto event on Earth. The chart operates in a constantly changing global setting and will influence the global agenda till March 2, 2109.

In the Washington Pluto cycle chart Pluto is in house 3 – communication, private opinion, intellectual activity, writing, roads, cars, trucks, public transportation, buses, trains, newspapers, postal and phone services and neighboring countries. During 2017 Pluto transits house 5 – Wall Street, speculation, gamboling, lotteries, risks, hazards, recreation, amusement, sex, movies, gaming, sport, theaters, casinos, sports venues, children, teenagers, schools. colleges and foreign ambassadors.

Pluto is the planet of groups, mobs, cooperation, collaboration, coercion, compulsory participation, dictators, terror networks, crime, criminals, organized crime, atheistic materialism, insidious events, kidnapping, brutal torture, drastic developments, disunity, division, splits, secrecy, the suppression of facts, universal welfare, spirituality, peace-makers, the common good, mass production, corporations, computers, satellites, inversion, the distortion of information and propaganda. And major Pluto events bearing these characteristics are timed to occur when transit Pluto forms an aspect to a planet in its cycle chart.

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