Neptune cycle chart – Washington

Neptune cycle chart March 7, 1944 at 10.03.26am EST – 3.03.26pm UT


The Neptune cycle chart is a specific event chart forecasting events and developments of the Neptune type only. These events occur as transit Neptune moves to form an aspect to a planet in the chart.  Each aspect – as an energy-event having harmony or discord – marks for and times a Neptune event on Earth. This chart will influence the global agenda till February 26, 2027.

In the Washington chart Neptune is in house 5 – Wall Street, speculation, gamboling, lotteries, risks, hazards, recreation, amusement, sex, movies, gaming, sport, theaters, casinos, sports venues, children, teenagers, schools. colleges and ambassadors from foreign countries. From January 27, 2017 Neptune transits house 11 – Congress, friends, allies and ambassadors sent to foreign countries.

Neptune is the planet of utopian schemes, oil, gas, chemicals, biological weapons, poisons, the pharmaceutical industry, legal and illegal drugs, drug trafficking, stock companies, get rich quick schemes, aviation, movies, pornography, socialism, inflation, slavery, complex social issues, confusion, chaos, deception, lies, fraud, fantasy, hoaxes, fake-news, celebrity, razzle-dazzle, breathtaking exaggeration, hocus pocus, myths and Hollywood thinking. And major Neptune events bearing these characteristics are timed to occur when Neptune forms an aspect to a planet in its cycle chart.

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