Global astrology cycle charts

Because most countries lack precise birth data global astrology uses cycle charts. The lunation cycle is timed for the Sun-Moon conjunction each month; the Sun cycle is timed for when the Sun enters Aries each year; and the cycle charts of the major planets – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – are timed for when they move from south to north declination.

The times provided by Astrology for Aquarius were obtained using MICA version 2.2.2 (2013). But the accuracy of the birth times for the Pluto, Neptune and Uranus cycles should be rated uncertain. Even with all the latest planetary theories and technology we just don’t know exactly where they are. And a brief explanation of what’s going on will put you in the picture.

The time when a major planet crosses the celestial equator and moves from south to north declination provides the time-data for its cycle chart. The celestial equator is the projection of the Earth’s equator in space. So there’s a planet, millions of miles out in space – Pluto’s distance from the Earth varies between 4.2 and 7.5 billion kilometers – and a global astrologer requires the time that it crosses the celestial equator. And calculating the precise time for the slower moving planets is intricate and involved.

Declination is measured in minutes and seconds and on February 26, 1988 when Pluto moved from south to north declination it was taking 41 minutes and 26 seconds of time to move 1 second of declination. On March 7, 1944 when Neptune moved from south to north declination it was taking 37 minutes and 14 seconds to move 1 second of declination; and on January 28, 2012 when Uranus moved from south to north declination it was taking 25 minutes and 16 seconds to move 1 second of declination. The calculation of the Mars time is more certain. On March 14, 2013 when he moved from south to north declination it was taking him 1 minute and 16 seconds to move one second of declination. The calculations are made for the center of mass – which is not observable – of each planet, but for practical purposes this is the same as the geometric center of the visible, fully illuminated disc.

Astrological influences tend to bring a response from the physical environment, not merely at the moment the phenomenon is perfect, but for a certain time before and a certain time afterwards. In its change of polarity, from south to north, the change begins to exert an influence when the planet is within 1º of crossing the celestial equator, and continues to exert some influence during the time it is within 1º of crossing.

The influence is more pronounced while the planet is close to the exact line between south and north declination. But because the physical environment, by its resistance or lack of it, may require accumulated planetary pressures to manifest as a given event, the condition indicated by the changing polarity may develop sometime before, or somewhat after, the exact moment of change in declination. There is an orb, therefore, of 1º of movement by declination, within which events signified by the cycle may take place before the cycle actually starts.

So the commencement of a new cycle is a very important astrological event. And as a planet changes from south magnetic polarity to north magnetic polarity the affairs and matters it rules and influences come into considerable prominence. The events that occur at this time can be viewed as a sign of things to come. And the cycle charts of the major planets usually have a long time-frame, which means they influence global trends for many, many years.

Astrology for Aquarius presents the cycle charts for Washington because the United States of America is the world’s economic and military powerhouse. The geographical coordinates used for the charts – 38N53’ 23”; 77W 00’ 32” – are for the Capital Building, where Congress is located. Each country has a set of cycle charts and it’s easy to calculate a cycle chart for any country. They’re always located for its administrative capital. Each chart pictures the same astrological image, but because the planets occupy different houses its influence is somewhat different. And each country represents an emerging Aquarian reality with its unique set of political and economic circumstances.

It’s very important to understand the scope of the information provided by each of the major cycle charts. The Mars cycle chart influences the most important strife, violence and accident events; the Jupiter cycle influences the most important financial and religious events; the Saturn cycle chart influences the most important work, hardship and security events; the Uranus cycle influences the most important protests, demonstrations and radical-change events; the Neptune cycle chart influences the most important fraud, scandal, oil, chemical, drug and aviation events; and the Pluto cycle influences the most important group, gang, cooperation, coercion, division, crime, terrorist, kidnapping and humanitarian events.

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