Aquarian age chart – Washington


The chart data is: January 19, 1881 at 3.56.42pm – 8.56.42pm UT

It’s thought that the world’s electromagnetic forces first became polarized in the sign Aquarius when the equinox backed into the last degree of Aquarius on January 19, 1881 when the Sun entered Aquarius. And the great changes that have taken place in the world since then are the result of astrological energies being liberated in the Aquarian Age chart. In accordance with astrological law the major progressions in this chart map energy releases that mark for new developments, turning points and social, economic and political transformations. Information gathering and the getting of wisdom is an academic enterprise driven by the intellectual sign Aquarius. And Aquarius has ignited a flurry of scientific activity – especially in the behavioral sciences. Humanity is on a quest to know itself. Aquarius stands for technological progress, liberation movements, human rights, democracy, the scientific testing of information and squabbling. And the new Aquarian Age has the difficult challenge of socializing and civilizing Mars violence and Saturn selfishness. The world today is an emerging Aquarian Age reality.

The Aquarian Age chart can be viewed as a world chart, but there is no single chart to consult. Place individualizes the astrology code pictured in the chart so different countries have different charts. The house positions of the planets are different which reveals the chart’s influence on their progress and development. But, regardless of house position, the outstanding events which happen are always characteristic of the planets involved in a progressed aspect and this means the Aquarian Age chart not only reveals world trends but the influence of these trends on individual countries.

Aquarius is a revolutionary consciousness that marks for radical social change and the liberation of the human soul. As a consequence a great desire for freedom is sweeping the Earth. In a national sense it manifests as the emergence of new nations, revolutions and the overthrowing of dictators. In a personal sense it expresses as the great surge for equality under state and national laws. This surge for individual freedom and national freedom will not subside and in due time will embrace all nations and all peoples.

We are in the Libra decanate of Aquarius pictured by Cetus the sea monster. It symbolizes discord in marriage, where true love is extinguished by a craving for money and material advantages. The consequences are devastating. And Cetus warns that racial prejudice and jealous passions are social discords with insidious consequences. The sea monster is sending a warning to Andromeda – the collective soul of the human race – who’s in danger of being chained to the rock of atheistic materialism by the arrogance and pride of scholastic dictators. Here science becomes the means to acquire new and greater implements of destruction.

We are in the Sun section of the Aquarian Age and the Sun stands for politics and politicians. And it’s in the political sphere that rights are won, maintained and defended.

In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age the truth is bound up with questions of politics, democracy, political leadership and human rights. Political power is the driving force. The indications are that during this period representative democracy and totalitarian forms of government cannot exist side by side and that one nation or world government will attain dominance and dictate to the rest. So the Aquarian Age agenda is currently in the hands of the politicians and you, as an active participant in the political process, have an important role to play in what eventuates. The political agenda will take center stage for approximately 307 years – till around 2188.

As the precessional pointer moves back through Aquarius it will form aspects with every planet in the chart and in 2014 the equinox has moved to form an obstacle (square) aspect with progressed Pluto. The aspect started around April 1986 and based on the latest figures reached its peak power and discord in late October, 2013. In regard to the influence and interpretation of the aspect we’re in unchartered waters, but the pointer’s square aspect to Pluto looks to map a particularly menacing moment for humanity.

The aspect, occurring during the Pluto period, intensifies and enhances the influence of the Lower-Pluto forces and they’re intent on curtailing the progress of the human soul and God’s Great Evolutionary Plan by a steady diet of misinformation, inversion, fear and terror. Atheistic materialism is God’s great enemy. But there are several problems when trying to gauge the aspect’s precise influence. The bad stuff is so widespread and entrenched; much of it is too subtle to detect; and its destructive impact on individuals can’t be measured. Television – the great escape – is used by Lower-Pluto to keep the masses dumbed-down with a steady diet of meaningless, inconsequential drivel that’s disguised as news.

In the US chart Pluto – the planet of coercion and division – is in House 11 (Congress) so now you know the astrological explanation for the destructive division and disunity that’s infecting US politics. Lower-Pluto’s henchmen are active in the political arena and their sole intent is to stifle political, social and economic progress.

Aquarius has two rulers, Saturn and Uranus, and it’s through these two planets and what they stand for that the division of Pluto primarily operates. If the Saturn influence becomes dominant the world will move towards materialism. The facts of life will be limited to physical life and the material plane. And this philosophy of materialism if widely accepted would breed ruthlessness and selfishness. But Uranus is an upper-octave planet, and is the special planet of astrology. If its influence becomes dominant the world will move towards democracy, human rights, freedom, liberty and an economic system that’s focused on freedom from want. But it would not, as Saturn does, exact the price of slavery as payment for material comfort. The better side of Uranus exerts a power that liberates humanity from fear and want and provides freedom of expression and freedom of religion.

Now, in the 21st-century, the cosmic battle being fought between Saturn and Uranus has reached drastic proportions. Planet Earth, due to greed and selfishness, is in critical condition; and destructive bio-technology and nuclear weapons can annihilate the human race. And while Uranus has provided smart phones, tablets and other amazing technologies they won’t free you from bondage to want and fear. Technology is the center-piece of the change revolution, but with all these technologies humanity remains fragile and frightened. Technology does not liberate fear, eliminate poverty or cure violence. It seems we’ve become slaves to our technology – it hasn’t liberated us from our fears and insecurities – and this is the payment Saturn demanded and the price we are currently paying.

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