2017 Sun cycle – Washington

The astrological year commences when the Sun enters Aries on March 20, 2017 at 10.29am GMT – 5.29am EST at Washington (77W01; 38N53). At this time the Sun was square (obstacle) Moon (the general populace), conjunction Mercury (talk and controversy), conjunction Venus (women and women’s issues) and square Saturn (hardship, struggle, failure, poverty and loss).

US Sun cycle chart


The Sun, Venus, Mercury, Uranus and Neptune in house 1 make domestic issues and the health and welfare of the people the country’s chief concern. Uranus dominates the chart and the Sun directly impacts house 1 – the people – and indirectly impacts house 6 – work and employment. Mercury forecasts talk, talk, talk and a great deal of controversy over Trump’s healthcare and wall; Venus forecasts a high level of interest in a woman, women’s issues and social events; Uranus forecasts protests, demonstrations, strikes, a sensational exposé and outrageous tweeting; and Neptune forecasts schemes, deception, confusion, fake news and widespread disillusionment. During this astrological year America is all about America and its massive problems.

The Moon-Saturn discord directly impacts house 10 – Donald Trump, his administration and the business sector – and indirectly house 11 – Congress – and house 5 – the stock market. It forecasts an ultra conservative political agenda designed to protect US business activity and jobs but there’s a slowdown in business activity, a high number of bankruptcies and a down trend on Wall Street. Trump fails the everyday people and is deeply unpopular.

Pluto in house 11 forecasts disunity and division in Congress, with dictatorial Congressional leaders taking drastic action. Jupiter in house 7 has Trump doing trade deals with other countries; and Mars in house 2 forecasts wild spending, financial strife, bank robberies and money spent on guns and armaments.

Events occur as the Sun by transit aspects the planets in the chart. The chart will influence the US agenda till March 20, 2018.

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