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Hi there and welcome to Astrology for Aquarius, an initiative of The Brotherhood of Light that’s dedicated to presenting and explaining The Hermetic System of Astrology. If you’re new to astrology we introduce you to your birthchart and the role it plays in your life and self-development. Our mission is to nurture scientific astrology and participate in the contemporary astrological conversation. And our vision is to change the way you think about astrology and yourself. Various writers contribute.

Astrology is an ancient enigma. Its origins have been lost in the mists of time yet its theories have never been tested by orthodox authority to determine their validity. Now in the 21st-century the scientific community views it with contempt and misconceptions abound. And there’s a good chance that your thoughts and ideas on the once famed science have been influenced by these popular misconceptions. So – just for the record – astrology is the science that studies the influence of the zodiac signs and planets on life and it’s the means by which you can find and utilize the natural potential that’s profiled in your birthchart.

The constellation Aquarius pictures a man holding an urn. The urn contains information and it’s being poured onto the Earth but now, in the Age of Aquarius, information must be scientifically tested to determine its accuracy. And you need to know that The Brotherhood of Light Astrological Research Department has rigorously tested every ancient astrological teaching to determine its accuracy and validity.

Astrology for Aquarius is where you can learn about or boost your knowledge and understanding of Hermetic astrology. It’s the world’s only astrological discipline that’s supported by statistically acquired facts and the new frontier in life-knowledge and self-information.

Astrology for Aquarius provides no Sun-sign astrology. We know that astrology has a number of wayward daughters who do scientific astrology a disservice and that its delinquent children provide the scientific community with ammunition to use in their periodic attacks. But if you know your Sun sign – the zodiac sign the Sun was in on your birthday – your astrological journey has started.

Astrology for Aquarius provides no daily sign-forecasts. We know that in the age of www.astrology that the sublime science-religion has been degraded into internet fortune-telling, free horoscopes and free daily forecasts. And we question the integrity of the fortune-tellers who provide these forecasts. They do scientific astrology harm by giving the public a misleading, false impression of its function and purpose. Scientific astrology is not fortune-telling. We take the stand that the public needs to be protected from the quack astrologers – the frauds, charlatans and fortune-tellers – who have trivialized a glorious science-religion into a cheap, absurd amusement.

Astrology for Aquarius believes in freedom of expression. It believes that astrological opinions have a right to be heard, but to protect the public from the misguided nonsense which compromises the public status and integrity of scientific astrology it presents the facts of astrology. It believes that when you have these facts you will be able to distinguish the competent technician from the incompetent fraud.

Astrology for Aquarius takes you towards the light of spiritual truth. And we fight atheistic materialism – the path towards darkness and ignorance – with the facts of astrology, the facts of extrasensory perception and the facts of evolution. We invite astronomers, biologists and others who identify as scientists to investigate and test Hermetic astrology and we urge individual scientists to reject the biased claims of their astrology-ignorant colleagues. We encourage you to do your own thinking and test Hermetic astrology for yourself.

Astrology for Aquarius features nine topic themes – Hermetic Astrology, Your Birthchart, Astrodynes, Astro-research, Talking Astrology, Global Astrology, As above-so below, Sky-Watch and a Global Events Forecast and Chapters in Astrology’s History.

Talking Astrology is where new astrological commentaries are posted and Sky-Watch and a Global Events Forecast provides an appraisal of up-coming events using Hermetic astrology’s global event forecast system. And you can clarify the meanings of technical words and phrases by referring to Astrology Speak on the home page.

Astrology for Aquarius presents the astrological and philosophical teachings of The Brotherhood of Light as presented by CC Zain. They’re available through The Church of Light. The biologist, geneticist, neo-Darwinist, evolutionary psychologist, religious authority and atheist have given you their view of life, now it’s our turn. Hermetic astrology proves there’s a non-physical dimension to your existence. DNA is not the music you dance to. You’re not just matter in motion. You have a soul. You have an astrology code. And your birthchart is inviting you to discover your story.

We encourage you to learn your own birthchart simply because you’re the one who’s having a subjective experience of the astro-data it contains and this makes you the best person to understand what it means. We are not suggesting that you learn astrology; we’re suggesting you learn your astrology code, and there’s a big difference between the two.

The two most important questions you will ever ask are ‘who am I and why do I exist?’ and you won’t get a truthful answer until you’ve got all the relevant facts systematically organized in a way that you can understand. Astrology for Aquarius presents the Uranian order of facts and invites you to investigate the world of four-dimensional astral energies, soul and astrology. We’re inviting you to have a close encounter with your astrology code.

We wish you well and hope you find your visit to our website rewarding and informative.

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